Decisions, decisions… #dsxp

T-28 days


T-20 days

It just depends.

Mission Control seems to concur with Cousin B in that the prospect of expanding the Collins Chronicles (aka DSXP Phase 3: 2013) to cover the entirety of Barnabas‘ continuity seems worthy.  On Tuesday, we roll up our sleeves to reschedule.

That means an earlier launch and a later splashdown.  But the project is worth it.  A history of (the most vital part of) Collinwood is an exhausting prospect and a necessary one.

It will all be in diary or letter form.  Perhaps an article or two.

In figuring out authorship, several things come to mind…

If Barnabas is in the episode, it’s his entry.

If he isn’t…

An episode with Quentin has Quentin getting dibs.

All else is a mix.

The challenge with a mix is capturing different voices.  I do have a very nice way of handling Quentin’s entries in mind.

Actually, the greatest challenge is to avoid playing for laughs.  You could just do a masterful satire.  But I love the old girl too much to do that… just yet.  Also, we’ll be adding two columns for Mission Control.  One will be “The Parallel Times,” in which he reflects on the part of the series that ushered him into Collinwood.  The other is “Dark Shadows over Collinsport,” where he’ll analyze the early part of the series (and probably the Leviathan section, a bit) to delve into their Lovecraftian aspects.