Rondo-Rama! #darkshadows #wonderfest

I am back from Wonderfest and the honest excitement of accepting the Rondo Award on behalf of Cousin “Wallace McBride” Barnabas and his fine work on the winner for Best Blog, THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY.  Wallace is sort of the astral big brother of the particular sandbox called The Collins Foundation, and it was an honor to be there in his stead.  They are mailing it to him, which is a wise move.  Fully cognizant of my own clumsiness, I wouldn’t even touch the award… not unless I had a bag of equally weighted sand to roll over into its place.

The ‘Fest itself was great.  I was extremely happy to see that there was much Gerry Andersoning going on in the programming.  Some wackiness upon entering the festival occurred.  The staff looked at me in utter confusion as, clad in a tux, I asked for registration.

“Yeah, this is registration, but for Wonderfest.”

There was a lot of love for DS at the awards.  Capping it off was a real treat, and the crowd stared at me with a mix of amusement, incredulity, and appreciation as I successfully got Wallace on speakerphone, held it to the mic, and had him quite audibly deliver thanks to the crowd.

In a way, it was all very Charlie’s Angels.  So, there’s your Kate Jackson tie-in.

Later, I was corralled into standing with, you know, the actual winners.  It was a moment of bizarre Zen.  I’m but a minor contributor on the site.  But to be a minor contributor on something I admire so much… doesn’t happen that often.  I felt totally fraudulent, but everyone knew I was a stand-in, so it was okay.  (I hope to soon be sent to state funerals and such in Wallace’s stead.)  And it also made me reflect on the bizarre journey of the past year.  It was in no way my award, but just being there felt a bit like a reward.  Not just for the project, but for surviving.  I try to project my best side on the videos and even in the writing.  But it would be fair to characterize me as a brooder in real life.  Actual, deep happiness is something so rare for me that I can only recall two moments of it in about twenty years.

It was vicarious, yes, but that brief, awkward, where-do-I-stand photo moment was pretty damned close to those.  Why?  Because DARK SHADOWS won.  Because a vision of DARK SHADOWS had won.  It is Wallace’s vision, and it eerily echoes how I’ve felt about the show and what I tried (in vain) to express to others for years and years.  And because I got invited to help out on that.

It was a pretty good day.  I don’t say that very often.