Final Rondo Wackiness #rondoawards #darkshadows #collinsporthistoricalsociety #dsxp

The Rondo Gallery.  Enjoy.

Above, I am the guy in the middle, surrounded by people who actually did things.  I was terrified of breaking The Rondo, thus it is not in my hands.  A bit like Thor’s hammer, I’m not sure I could have lifted it.

(I was told, though, that I was the cause of the whole business.  When I wrote to the Man in Charge, I asked if I could share my voting picks with readers or if that would be some sort of abuse of the platform.  Along the way, I asked if I could write-in CPHS for Best Blog.  Lo and behold…..)

In the photo below, I hold the phone (with the Foundation’s logo faintly visible) to the mic, enabling Wallace to be heard from a bar several states away.  I think that’s great.  And I’ll be darned if it didn’t work.