Take a sip of Quentin’s Seduction. If you dare. #dsxp #darkshadows #quentincollins

By 1906, Jameson Collins had grown up to become an enterprising law student in the great institution of Yale.  Despite this stab at normalcy, his itinerant Uncle Quentin did all he could to corrupt the lad, and no place is this clearer than in his letters to Jameson at the University.

Quentin, the Ron Burgundy of the DARK SHADOWS universe, is a bold lover, and he knows how to (in his words) “please womankind without losing his manly virtues.”  Nowhere is this more evident than how he ends a date with a beautiful woman — mixing his signature cocktail that blends smooth chocolate, fine bourbon, and the salty/meaty essence of bacon!

This was found in the lining of Barnabas’ coffin with all of the other papers.  Enjoy the only Collins Chronicle hosted by a non-Foundation website, the fabulous Collinsport Historical Society!