More Matter and Less Art at the Collins Foundation

So, faithful followers may be wondering why I have posted so little as of late.  Well, I posted a good deal this summer, to put it mildly, at the Collins Chronicles.  So, I’m a little tired.  Between the typos is what is, I hope, a pretty cool resource for Dark Shadows fans.  The people who’ve looked at it have really enjoyed it.

It’s also 99,000 words.  Half the length of Moby Dick.  Maybe that makes it just Moby.   But it’s meant to be read piece and out-of-order, whenever you happen to be watching the show.  It takes a while to load due to the navigation, but it’s easier than any alternatives given to me by wordpress now that it’s finished.  People seemed great guns in the beginning, and this waned as the project went on.  Too bad, because I think it improves as it goes along.  But the whole thing is up there, and I’m editing it for free PDF and mobi editions, so when I announce those and you want them, they are yours.

I actually had a point to this.  The main reason I’ve posted so little is that I chose poorly on the previous blog theme.  It was gorgeous, but to make it work, you had to upload GIANT images as the featured image.  And I just got tuckered out with that.  So, we’re back to old faithful, and I look forward to writing more.

Yeah, there are two wrap-up videos.  One has to be reedited.  The other is on hold in the name of vanity while I put on a disclaimer.  My hair, I swear to god, has a weird, weird line in it that looks like it’s a weird toupee worn backwards.  I have no objection to wearing a weird toupee backwards, but I want that to be an honest thing.  Not this.

Lara Parker’s WOLF MOON RISING comes out tomorrow.  From what I hear, it’s a solid, hellzapoppin’ hit.  So enjoy!

Okay.  I put a picture of a bad toupee on here anyway.  But it’s a small picture of a great guy.