Dark Shadows: FIASCO! #fiasco #darkshadows #games #rpg

fiascoartFiasco is an RPG that I can actually play.  As with Cuz B, I get very bogged down in wildly complicated rules systems, which is pretty much a rules system beyond a D2.  But then I found FIASCO.  It’s an RPG system designed for one-shots that you can get running very quickly… once you understand the rules.  Don’t let what I’m about to say put you off; the rules are so friendly and informal that it may take several reads to really grok it.  But once you do, it’s astoundingly simple.

Wallace and I designed a DARK SHADOWS module, and I’ve run three play tests.  All great.  It gave three distinct types of DARK SHADOWS.  One was a claustrophobic adventure where Quentin is confronted by both the reincarnation of a man he killed in a duel and a man from another city infected by him with lycanthropy.  Barnabas arrived at the last minute as an NPC, and it all went down like a Gold Key comic.

The second play test went like the tv series… pretty much.  I got to play the ghost of Carl Collins haunting Collinwood in search of the wedding ring he gave Pansy Faye, while Peter Guthrie’s psychic evil twin tries to steal it and a fraud-busting, female James Randi-type tries to stop him.  That included an 1897 flashback, Roger, Liz, David, Carolyn, Petofi, Aristede, and the Old Caretaker.  In 90 minutes.

Yeah, it lets you do all of that.

Tonight, Nicholas Blair has the Hand of Petofi and goes back to 1897 to chase the Vampire Edition of Angelique, who is also being chased by Barnabas.  Magda was the guest star.  We got trapped in a Leviathan cave, Angelique became a werecat, Szandor got sent into the future, and King Johnny Romana cured vampirism with an elixir made from the combined mustaches of Edward Collins and Nicholas Blair.  The rest of it is unrepeatable.  It was DARK SHADOWS by way of The Onion.

So the system is very versatile.  VERY!



You’ll need to get the Fiasco book (by Jason Morningstar) to understand the rules (and if you write me, I might have some short-cut tips… but you still have to buy the book).