It’s the Big One, Elizabeth (Collins Stoddard)! #dsxp #darkshadows

Okay, the DSXP Phase 4 begins on December 21!

It’s a marathon so big, I have to split it into two chunks.  Ten days in December to cover the pre-Barnabas stuff, and then the summer to do the rest.

“But why?  In the name of Diabolos and all of his Dead Horses, why???”

Yes, I hear your cries.  And I laugh.

Each time through, there was data that I wanted to be recording, but wasn’t. (The Almanac is great for production data, but story analysis needs more numbers related to plot events.)   Simultaneously, I’ve wanted to write a kind of book that — ahem — would fit beautifully in the Pomegranate family, but didn’t exist.   I needed the Almanacian numbers to support the kind of book I wanted, and they’d be a fun portion of the book on their own.

I don’t want to talk about the book in much detail, because there wouldn’t be a book left to write if I over-detailed the plans.  Working titles include A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO COLLINSPORT, THE COLLINSPORT COMPANION, DARK SHADOWS DIGEST,  DARK SHADOWS HANDBOOK, and DARK SHADOWS: A COMPANION.  The last title is true on several levels.  There is one more title that I think will work better as a section of the book called simply, WHY DARK SHADOWS MATTERS.

I don’t know how much I’ll be posting online other than videologs.  (iOS7 has made them easy again, unlike last summer.)  This has to do with my lack of understanding on copyright and public domain laws.  I may start a private website, though, that would be password protected.  If I do it and you want in, ask.

Both the first summer and the second summer were prep for this.  Schedules, etc, to follow!