GO RONDO IN 2014! #darkshadows #rondoawards

The Collinsport Historical Society —  that fit, active James Bond to the Foundation’s flabby, boozy Matt Helm — is again nominated for that top award in horror, THE RONDO.  This was an explosive year for the CHS… a Jonathan Frid memorial documentary, numerous podcasts covering every corner of DS’ past and future, and a whole book!  Not to mention some great drink recipes, one of which involved BACON!

Now, I can’t tell you for whom you should vote.  But I will say that Wallace put in an astounding amount of work, bringing DARK SHADOWS fans hundreds of dollars worth of show history and entertainment for free.  And I mean, hundreds of dollars per fan, were it to have been sold as a package.  It is a place of endless imagination and passion and detailed, precise excellence.  If you appreciate DARK SHADOWS and what CHS does, then vote!


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