A funny thing happened on the way to the Old House… #dsxp #stxp

Okay, so what’s with this Star Trek malarkey?

Notice how there was no final video for the DSXP3 that I did over Christmas?  Well, for one thing, I was so busy indexing that I had zero energy at the end of the day.  Also, toward the end, I realized that I needed a break.  Well, actually, my friends needed a break.  I could do DS every summer for years.  I have all sorts of DSXP projects.  A 31 day isolation project.  Watching it backwards, episode by episode (an excellent tool for analysis).  And the episode-by-episode indexing.  (Still up at collinsportstar.com — ask me for the password.)

As I said, though, my friends would kill me.  Doing these projects is very isolating, and having friends drop by and hang out while I’m watching is essential to my sanity.  But as DS fans know, it is a rare grappa for refined tastes.  And that ain’t for everyone.  The first year, they were interested.  The second year, they were indulgent (although getting many to read a single Chronicle could be a Herculean effort).  A third year?  Yeah, in the words of Frank Sinatra and Rod McEwan, “In me you see a man alone.”

Or you would have.

So, I came up with a brilliant project that had nothing to do with Star Trek.  I can’t go into details on it due to a fascinating story that I can never tell.  Sorry.  There are reasons.  Let’s just say that humans never fail to surprise one another.

At that point, I could either go back to continuing the index (which is still my 2015 project) or try something else.

Star Trek had been suggested several times, but I always resisted.  They never had an overarching narrative — over the five series.  It also seemed like a cliche.  What could be sadder than some guy sitting around watching Star Trek all summer?  I mean, really.  And facing weeks and weeks of nothing but (insert name of your least favorite Star Trek series)?  Tough.  Very tough to do.

But then I considered a new way to watch it, and the possibilities blossomed like a flower.  Suddenly, I saw that the series could be measured against each other.  How did each evolve in comparison to their peers?  How do they reflect one another?  Are they still good?  What is left to say about them in a post-Abrams world?  How can I stay sane doing this?  How do I never get sick of being stuck with iterations of which I’m not too fond?

By watching them all at once.

This is what I mean….

I plan on watching them in “bands.”  I’ll watch the first episode of each in a row.  Then the second, and so on.  So, in less than five hours, I will see one of each, in parallel chronological order.  I can always look forward to the next version.  Friends who visit will always have a variety.  And I can compare each, almost instantly, without straining my memory regarding the tone of any of the others.

It kinda makes its own gravy.

Now, I won’t be writing on each.  I plan on doing daily videos, though.  I’ll write when the mood strikes me, much like I did with the first DSXP.  I can’t help but learn things, but the marathon nature will be tough enough.

51 days.

725 episodes.  (I think.)  12 movies.  1 unaired pilot.

Come fly with me.  And let’s see what’s still out there.