Shhhhhhhh. It’s the secret convention!

Shhhhhhh.  I’m typing very quietly some no one can hear me. Okay, is it just you and me? I thought so. This is the lowdown. Everything seems to wrap up at the con on Saturday night around 11. Now, I never been to one of these afterglows, so I have no idea what to expect. But I can’t imagine it would go on for more than two hours. So, if you’re at the con, and feel like getting together, I’m going to say that we meet in the lobby around 11pm. (I’m hopeful that it’s earlier.)  There, the secret Collins Foundation conclave will commence. I’d be happy to go earlier in the day, but there is good stuff going on all the time. So look, it’s our only chance. If you’re interested, and things look like they’re wrapping up earlier, send me an e-mail with– if you dare–your cell phone number where I can text you. I can’t imagine it would be more than two or three people who would be interested. Two main things will happen at the conclave. Okay, I lied. Maybe three. Number one, I’d love to talk to some people who might of read the Collins Chronicles and feel like chatting about them. I’m still not sure that the Dark Shadows community, in general, knows what kind of a resource exists in the Collins Chronicles. But, if you’d like to chat, I would be happy to get feedback and maybe chat about Easter eggs and some other, deliberate and interesting nooks and crannies that exist in the piece.

It is undergoing major editing, 90% for grammar, but I am attaching a PDF, anyway, if you don’t have it in that form and would like it.

Collins Chronicles Working Draft

Also, I will be very interested in getting your thoughts and feedback on my plans for WHY DARK SHADOWS MATTERS.

The important part is the opportunity to play Dark Shadows Fiasco.  The earlier we can get started, the better, and I plan on putting this first. If you’re a Dark Shadows fan and you’ve always wanted to climb around inside the Dark Shadows universe with A perfect mixture of freedom and structure, this was– literally– made for you. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the rules, because they really aren’t that necessary. I’ll guide you through it, 100%. Again, I can’t imagine that will help more than two or three people who would be interested, but it does cap out out about five. But even if you don’t play, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I’m attaching the scenario for that, also.


Remember to e-mail me with your contact number (if you like), so I can send out meeting updates, etc.  I’ll also update the Twitter feed!  Email is at and Twitter is @therealmccray.  It will be a lot of fun… and I hope happen a tad earlier than 11pm.  Even if it does start at 11pm, Fiasco goes first, and is worth it!  Just read the review, below!