Quentin Collins has spoken… and left the building. #dsxp #qcxp #darkshadows

POTW-selbyWell, the second great work is finished.  It took a lot more energy than I thought, because I wanted to find as much meaning and completeness in Quentin’s story as I could.  That meant inventing a good deal of framing material.

I think I cracked the significance of the Quentin character in several regards, but it needs to be pulled together more.  I hope you enjoy them.  Keep in mind that they are exercises in spontaneous writing, so they lack polish… for now.

This is an amazing way to learn about the characters.  Through Barnabas, I learned to see Joshua and Julia in ways that I never expected.  Through Quentin, I learned far, far more about Barnabas than I thought possible.

Go back and watch the 1897 sequence if you think Barnabas is ineffectual or shortsighted.  He’s sharp as a razor.

Anyway, enjoy the work!


Speaking of links, some fine people have started Facebook and Tumblr pages!  If you like the idea of the Journals/Chronicles, etc, but find looking at the ALL to be daunting, try those places.  The fine editors serve them up a little at a time.



Hey… what ever happened to Julia’s journals?  Think I should look for them?  They may be around here, somewhere…