Shame on you, Mr. Collins! The shame! The shame! #dsxp #darkshadows #qcxp

Just an observation on Quentin.

Someone wrote in to the home office in Logansport, and cited Mr. Collins’ brazen lack of shame, re: The Collinsport Cuties.

(Who appeared on his mid-1970’s variety show, The Quentin Collins Musical Comedy Variety Hour starring Quentin Collins and The Collinsport Cuties with Very Special Guest Star Andreas “The Count” Petofi.  The show was on ABC under Fred Silverman’s auspices, and holds the record for the TV show with the longest running title in the history of the medium.  The famous moment when Aristede threw The Dancing Lady between Roger’s legs still remains one of the most hilarious high points in 1970’s entertainment.  Also, there was the time when Rickles was guest hosting and broke the mini-Victrola that Quentin kept on his desk.  Remember?  Quentin actually got mad, stormed off the set, and disrupted the shooting of BILKO across the hall.  The night that Petofi’s on-air Dinty Moore ad went riotously awry was my true initiation into the world of decidedly grownup humor.  Then there was Tiny Tim’s acrimonious divorce that Quentin hosted.  And I’ll never forget the way that Jeff Altman ousted him prematurely as host, even though Quentin had groomed Bruno as his heir apparent.)

I meant to write an essay about Quentin being more sad and lonely than unashamed.  But this was more fun.Untitled 12