Hey, Davey. Let’s snuff Bill Malloy for Thanksgiving. Eh, kid? #dsxp #darkshadowsproject

Operation One begins on Friday, November 28!

Although the super-secret project is not about doing more Collins Chronicles, more Collins Chronicles are happening, anyway. David did a Real Good Job stealing everyone’s private notes, and now we all get to snoop through the dirty deeds of Clan Collins in those early days.

FRIDAY –  11/28 episodes 1-20

SATURDAY – 11/29 episodes 21-40

SUNDAY – 11/30 episodes 41-60

Instead of using another URL, I’ll post them here.  So, if you haven’t subscribed and you want Collinsport Magic in your e-mail box to enjoy while standing in lines during the Black Friday madness, here’s your spot.

In 2016, this will all make sense.  But for now, enjoy the reading!  (And feel free to respond, too!)

More to come in December, too!