And so I found myself in 1991… #DarkShadows #dsxp91

Trying to spiff up the place.  I have a new idea for how I want the site to look and what I want it to be.  It’ll take some work.

I’ve been hesitant to add anything because I was starting an auspicious project when the line went dead.  It went dead because of a much-alluded-to project I’ve been working on, vaguely associated with the 50th anniversary next summer.  Things collided.  The DSXP started well.  The other project was a massive challenge.  Couldn’t do both, and I put my focus on the project for the 50th.  1225-in-31 can happen next summer.  Probably will.  And once an e-mail or two come through, I can talk about the other.

In the meantime, join me and the Collinsport Historical Society on Black Friday as I host DSXP91… all of the 1991 series from start to finish, noon to midnight!  I got the idea when the new DVD set appeared in a weird box and a more faithful aspect ratio.  Will the day-for-night be restored?  Don’t tell me!  Gotta find out for myself!  I’ll be tweeting like crazy, and you can monitor the fun by following #DarkShadows and (maybe) #DSXP91.  There’s a more thorough write-up here:

Cousin Barnabas hatches the scheme…


TheRealMcCray’s not cursing the dream…

It’s a show that is near to my heart.  In fact, I found myself in a brief conversation with Joanna Going just a few hours ago.

I know that some are partisan, and the tweets will certainly do lots of comparing and contrasting.  Dark Shadows is a big universe.  This is one more dimension to the strange world of Parallel Time.

And, yes, it was a source of tonsorial inspiration for a long, long time.  Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.13.16 PM