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Questioner: I'm a married man with several children. I've lived rather a dissipated life in search of pleasure, but a fairly civilized life too, and I've made a success of it financially. But now I'm middle-aged and am feeling concerned, not only about my family but also about the way the world is going. I'm not given to brutality or violent feelings, and I have always considered that forgiveness and compassion are the most important things in life. Without these man becomes subhuman.
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The First And Last Freedom: On Sex – J. Krishnamurti

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The First And Last Freedom: On Sex - J. Krishnamurti - தமிழினி

Anderson: Mr Krishnamurti, in our last conversation we were talking about religion as a phenomenon in relation to our concern for enquiring into the transformation of each individual human being, a transformation that is not dependent on knowledge or time, and during our discussion of religion you were speaking about what you regarded to be religion in the true sense, its relation to the act of attention and how when the whole personal history of hurt is a reference, this act of attention simply is vitiated, it cannot come to pass. And through the discussion of hurt that we had we touched. Krishnamurti: Sir, when you use the word 'explore', are we using that word intellectually, exploring with the intellect, or exploring in relation to the word and seeing in that word the mirror which will reveal ourselves in that mirror? K: Yes. That is, the word is the mirror in which I, as a human being, am observing. So the word 'explore' really means observing myself in the mirror of the word which you have used. So the word then becomes the thing.
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Questions and Answers

Jiddu Krishnamurti mistrusted all religions and denounced the Eastern convention of deifying living spiritual masters. But by the time he died in Ojai, California, in at the age of 91, he had helped—perhaps more than anyone in this century—to introduce Eastern teachings on the nature of mind to the West. In Lives in the Shadow with J. At age eight, Krishnamurti, a frail and dreamy child, lice-ridden and open-mouthed, was discovered on a beach in South India and proclaimed by leaders of the Theosophical Society to be the next World Teacher. In addition, they introduced him to the mannered informalities of international society.
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I have always found Krishnamurti to be one of the clearest voices in our modern times. The following conversation with Rom Landau on the topic of sex is a most straightforward view on sexuality and why humanity has such problems with a natural understanding of the role of sex and its relationship to love and affection in our lives. I asked Krishnamurti whether he thought it wrong for people with a very strong sexual impulse to give way to it. A problem only arises when something within us that is real is opposed by intellectual considerations. Nor can self-discipline do it.
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