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The division of labor creates specialized behavioral groups within an animal society which are sometimes called castes. Eusociality is distinguished from all other social systems because individuals of at least one caste usually lose the ability to perform at least one behavior characteristic of individuals in another caste. Eusociality exists in certain insects , crustaceans and mammals. It is mostly observed and studied in the Hymenoptera ants , bees , and wasps and in Isoptera termites. A colony has caste differences: queens and reproductive males take the roles of the sole reproducers, while soldiers and workers work together to create a living situation favorable for the brood. In addition to Hymenoptera and Isoptera, there are two known eusocial vertebrates among rodents : the naked mole-rat and the Damaraland mole-rat.
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Tiny Dancers, Virgin Queens & Liquid Gold: Inside The Hive At Three Sisters Honey

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Eusociality - Wikipedia

No kamikaze squadrons of water beetles hammered the bonnets of shiny cars, mistaking them for ponds. No clouds of migrant ladybirds sent bathers shrieking from the beaches. Indeed, where are the wasps? Their locust-like progress inland, as far as Headford, was recorded by Dr Thomas Molyneux , one of the most active and observant Irish naturalists of his day. The spectacular migration of cockchafers, as Molyneux guessed, originated in France and stemmed from their own search for food.
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Now that the city has waved the golden wand of legitimacy over the practice, local beekeepers are stepping into the spotlight, sharing their honey and spreading the word about the relentlessly fascinating world of bees and the unique rewards of harvesting honey in the concrete jungle. Michael Hegedus founder of the Brooklyn Beekeepers Club , has been keeping bees in his backyard and on his rooftop in Bed-Stuy for close to a decade. We met up with Michael at his place to learn more about bees, the alleged allergy-fighting properties of local honey, and his own brand of chemical and pesticide-free single-hive sourced Three Sisters Honey.
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I wanted this book available because I think Jay Smith was one of the great beekeepers of all time and one of the great queen breeders of all time. There are many queen breeding books by scientists or small-scale breeders, but this is by a beekeeper who raised thousands of queens every year. I think that is much more applicable to practical queen rearing. It is also a method that does not require grafting, good for those of us who can't see well enough to graft, and does not require the purchase of special equipment, good for those of us lacking in the funds to buy one of the graftless systems on the market. I was going to do Queen Rearing Simplified first, but it occurred to me that from Mr.
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