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Rondo-Rama! #darkshadows #wonderfest

I am back from Wonderfest and the honest excitement of accepting the Rondo Award on behalf of Cousin “Wallace McBride” Barnabas and his fine work on the winner for Best Blog, THE COLLINSPORT HISTORICAL SOCIETY.  Wallace is sort of the astral big brother of the particular sandbox called The Collins Foundation, and it was an […]

Latest Insight from the Guest Writers Colony

Even an alternate future comes to an end….

Adriana Pena’s collected, epic continuation of the Collins saga… complete.  It’s a sweeping accomplishment that takes true risks.  A worthy exploration, years in the making and exhausting for the author.

Most Recent Frivolousness for Flora

Fiasco Rules… the straightforward way.

If you downloaded the DARK SHADOWS playlet for FIASCO DARK SHADOWS FIASCO-FINAL, but can’t quite figure out the rules, do two things… 1.  Buy the book, anyway, so you can have access to the Tilt and Aftermath tables. 2.  Download the attachment.Better Fiasco Rules McCravianized copy 2.0 2-2

The Last Word in Contemporary Dark Shadows for Carolyn


Gene Roddenberry: a Man of Unique Vision… #dsxp #stxp #startrek

Most Recent Review for Roger

No, it’s not DARK SHADOWS, but…. #dsxp #darkshadows #hanselandgretelwitchhunters

Did you see and like BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA?  How about LABYRINTH?  Then stop reading and go see this movie. But if you insist on staying…. HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS takes everything wrong about This Kinda Stuff and does everything right with it.  The DS2012 team should have had this as an example […]

Twitter asks, “What if Dark Shadows never stopped?”

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